Running AC scripts local


So I wanted to start running the “bot” creator shown by @summer4me… and provided by @ozan

I was able to get the AC to run it in similar fashion to summer’s example, and then I traced back the local host file directory, and put the local version in the js folder.

Interestingly, you’ll note that I’m able to get 2 “bots” running, however I can only find one inside my domain. Can someone explain how to accomplish a bot pulled into the Domain running via the Assignment Client? cc: @Cracker_Hax

Thanks in advance.


Every persistent AC script will be a “bot”, however if you want it to be an avatar you need to do isAvatar=true;

There are a lot of script API functions you cannot use unless your bot is an avatar.


…and I totally agree with your explanation; the problem is, the script is the same, but where it executes from, and the files it has access to, are different.

So I guess a better way to word my question: does this script require the entire Interface library to accomplish the goal of adding an avatar?

  • script seen hosted @ dropbox == Avatar Rendered
  • script ran from localhost == No Avatar Rendered

The ONLY difference within the script is the location of origin:
I changed line 17 for the localhost version:

var origin = {x: 72, y: 75, z: 770};

So, the only thing I can think of, is it is lacking “helper files” … thoughts?

cc: @chris @ctrlaltdavid


Well, I also first couldn’t find my bot. So I have changed the line in the script:

Avatar.position = Vec3.sum(origin, {x: Math.random() * spread, y: 0, z: Math.random() * spread});



And then he was at this place.

Maybe your bot also is runned away.


The bot needs access to assignment client libraries. It shouldn’t matter where the javascript itself is hosted from. If the scripts are exactly the same they should run exactly the same on any domain server. I host my scripts on a different server than I run my domain server and ac scripts on.

You might take a look at the script and see if there are any any other scripts it includes or loads. As long as the full url is there it should work fine. It’s hard to say without looking at the script (does it load custom avatar skin?).

I’m guessing the bot avatars are just showing up in different places. If you set the entrance to your domain at 0,0,0 and change both bots to 0,0,0 you should see both of them when you enter your domain.


I’m going to change the script to render both bots closer together. The Avatar Skeleton assignment, etc, is all full-path URLs, but for example, if a person just brings the “running scripts” panel open, and runs this .js without the “helper libraries” (specifically get an error in the log that will tell you: cannot assign to undefined, cannot find variable “Avatar”) So, I knew there was some dependencies and requirements on where I put the file.

Unless inside a try catch block (in which case it is not) when a line of .js fails all subsequent calls are denied execution and you get (typically) an error log entry.

As mentioned, I’ll rez both of these “bots” near one another today, and see what happens. Thanks.


No errors in your log?