Running AI on Windows with your Stack Manager


I have gone through the process of running AI on Windows.

Here are the steps.

1- Start your Stack Manager

2- Go to http://localhost:40100 and you can see that it is running.

3- (in Windows) Open up a command prompt and navigate to: (replace dev1 with your username).

4- Go to http://localhost:40100/assignment and copy in the text from the folllowing file: . In the top right hand box “# of instances” put in 3 and click “Run”

5- If you go back to http://localhost:40100 you will now see three “Queued Assignments”

6- Go back to your command prompt and type: assignment-client.exe -n 3 -t 2 -a localhost

7- Launch Interface and go to: File>Go to Domain “localhost” and File >Go to location “0,0,0”

You should then see 3 avatars walking around.


Ok I eventually followed your instructions and translated it into idiot, my native language.

Hope its of some use to anyone running their own domain who wants to see what bots do.

Oh to stop them shouting at you close the cmd window.

next step the recording thing with bots…

Nb might be worth having someone explain the domain new assignment window, i had no idea its there or what it does, pasting the js after thew other text in there and it working was just blind luck lol :slight_smile:


cd\ takes you to the root of your drive, you can use this in conjunction with a path to make sure you go to the right place, so

cd\Users\Dev1\AppData\Local\High Fidelity\Stack Manager

You would need to replace Dev1 with the name of your user.