Running behavior of scripts


I was going to post this under “fun scripts” but figured we might want to keep that thread related to gathering, remixing and showing off scripts.

I only know a little Javascript, but I applaud it as a choice as it has become a lingua franca for so many things.

But besides learning more Javascript, I’d like to know more about what is unique to HF scripts.

How does a script run?
When do the stop running?
Where are they cached or saved?

I’ve started scripts and crashed the browser when trying to interrupt, change, or rerun scripts. I’ve stopped scripts intended to delete many voxels and saw my console continue with messages about deletion. I could not figure out of writing a new voxel also makes a delete message for existing ones or not.

As I’ve said before, in most circles I’m considered gifted in technical knowledge, but around you brilliant folk I think I’ll have to ask “please keep it simple”. :smiley: I’m looking for a general overview of how scripts stop and start and info about their location that affects how they run.

What are the tips, tricks and issues that are unique to Javascript in HF?


Here’s one I discovered, while running a script to make some voxels, I changed domains and it appeared to keep going in the new domain but from the point at which I moved.

So I started a script in one domain, moved, then watched it finish in another.

(at least that’s what it looked like, I don’t think it ran completely in both)