Running High Fidelity on VirtualBox?


Since High Fidelity is primarily for Windows I thought one might run Windows on a VirtualBox (perhaps on an Ubuntu machine) and then install High Fidelity on a virtual computer in VirtualBox. Nowadays the virtual computer can become a separate entity on the network so it should be easy to setup the ports and so on. Have anyone tried that approach?


With Hyper V I have let run it in the past successful the HiFi Server, Debian and Ubunto.
So it s should work for you.


Right now I’m running High Fidelity directly in Windows, but I was thinking about perhaps moving it to VirtualBox if the performance isn’t degraded too much and let it live with all my other apps. Have a Ryzen with 64GB Ram and V-nand SSD, so performance is not an issue today. It’s quite convenient to run VB when every virtual computer can be a separate entity on the network with bridged networking.