Running your own domain on Mac


Hi all,

We have a new GUI tool for those of you running Macs to be able to run your own virtual world, without having to build from source.

Get it from here:

Once you’ve installed it look for stack-manager in your Applications. When you run it, wait for it download the required components (look at progress on the lower-left of the window), when all has been updated go ahead and Start the domain server and any/all of the assignments on the right hand side of the interface.

To test your domain, open up your interface and connect to localhost, you should get as many servers as assignments you started and be in your own, private virtual world.

If you did want to make your domain public (we’d love that!), you need to forward both TCP and UDP port range 40100-40103 to the local ip of the machine running the stack-manager. We’d love to know if you do open it up to the public, so share the public IP address of your connection or even better hook up a domain name to it (using a service like

Let me know how it works out.


Note that not only does it want a Mac, but it won’t run on anything but Mavericks.


Hi @Tonya_Souther thanks for letting us know. We have a worklist job up that will allow it to run across more platforms.


Ah yes… Mavericks… There will be some similar cross platform variant with some other goodies like high level encryption, virus and added security. Good work order.


A few questions:

  • Do you need to run assignments at all (to run a domain server)?
  • What are the implications of not running all of them? Loss of of world features or loss of performance or cost in H$?
  • how do these choices map to the command line versions? Presumably running the domain-server is the same, but when I run the assignment client I only see debug reports on four of the six assignments listed in the stack-manager ui (no animation or metavoxel servers).

  • A domain-server can run with no assignments, but then there’s no functionality, since assignments are what enable each individual set of features.

  • Loss of features, if you don’t run the audio assignment, then you have no audio; no voxel server assignment, then you have no voxels, etc.

  • By default, running the assignment client with no parameters will grab any one available assignment, randomly. The most commonly used assignment client parameters you can pass on command line are:

    -t [type]
    0=audio mixer, 1=avatar mixer, 3=voxel server, 4=particle server, 5=metavoxel-server, 6=model server, 7=any assignment

    -n [number of instances]
    Say you want to grab 5 assignments of any type, you’d run -n 5 -t 7

    -a [hostname of DS]



Yay…I have it up and running on my Mac. Now if I could only find my user name and password for my router! Hopefully I will be online in the next couple of days.


Cool. I have it running at home - well, a linux build I compiled myself - not sure if you are looking for feedback here on that.


Hi all,

0.1 has a bug that makes content not persist — please download the following version:


For the Mac you mention ports 40100 to 40103… is this different on windows or are these posts not in line yet @leo


@Ai_Austin see the updated post about ports.


brought home a mac mini today because the old 2007 iMac just isn’t enough.

Ran through all the updates… hooked into my alpha channels and Dl’d the stack manager for Mac

all I get when I start it is this…

dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/QtCore.framework/Versions/5/QtCore
Referenced from: /Users/dAo/Library/Application Support/High Fidelity/stack-manager/domain-server
Reason: image not found

Odd though… the iMac running the same version of mavericks cranks it up just fine

very sad face… not being a certified MacHead… anyone with a guess as to what I need to do to make my new 'server" serve???



Hi @dAo are you using the correct install:




well Chris…

obviously not… grins… Many Thanks for the updated links…
you’ve made my server infinitely more interesting



I’m getting an error log "[DEBUG] [2014-09-27 15:14:10 +0100] [1327:1188] Could not find JSON config file at “/Users/lokieliot/Library/Preferences/High Fidelity/domain-server/config.json”


Take a look at this thread

There’s discussion there about the Config.Json file and it appears that it needs to be manually created.