Runtime... Runtime?


Ok i where yesterday by someone that tried to login on high fidelity. And he always told me it’s not working. Short before that i bumped into some sort of problem on my own fresh installed windows 10 desktop.

The problem is that High Fidelity is installing the 2013 runtime for interface.exe . but not the 2010 runtime interface.exe if not already installed by other program. But why does interface.exe need two runtimes ? So you get the MSVCR100.dll is missing error. I have installed it manual on my pc and on the other pc. But the problem is that most users are not going to understand at all what todo or how to fix it.

Besides i think it’s very bad if one program need atwo different runtimes.

Anyway made a worklist about it, because the runtime need to get automatic installed or other fix before we get a new flood of people.



@Richardus.Raymaker interesting thanks for the report, not sure why you’re getting a missing runtime error - wonder if it’s DDE. I’ll look into this.



I got that too after having to rebuild my system after a win 10 disaster.