Sad graphics for stars


What is this supposed to be?
White dots all over the screen, it was pretty ordinary before but now its a joke.

Is this what passes for a night scene graphic?

Edit: This is obviously work in progress, sorry for my knee jerk response.


Can anyone tell me how the starfield is generated? A bitmap, a 3D model, or completely randomly?


I believe its a bitmap or some kind of fixed image. It has looked the same for months and now its changed.


Why not offer a new solution?


Mainly because I dont know whats happening here, obviously something has changed for some reason.
There is a rolling day/night cycle brewing, perhaps this is a temporary sky with some specific purpose.

Until I know what is planned or what this is for, all I can do is comment on the difference between what it looked like before and what it looks like now.

Edit. I have noticed the interface starts briefly with the old stars then quickly swap over to this new map.


I always figured the starfield ‘image’ was temporary. When HiFi has enough sites, it would have switched to a generated star field based on the sites, their data size and popularity determining things or something.

I felt the initial voxel based vision of HiFi was similar to the OASIS from Ready Player One, hence I thought the star field would be ‘literal’ at some point.

I’ve always wondered why there is one little red star.


I think it looks ok as a holding place.
I suppose we could stream Hubble telescope images onto the background. That would be cool!


It’d be interesting to hear what a decent default night sky should be, and about how easy it might be to customise one’s own.


I suspect that the code for rendering the stars hasn’t changed, but something that has changed recently is disabling alpha blending, leading to the blocky appearance of the stars. Will look into it.


I hope they don’t change the stars, i had devised a convoluted method of using them to sell glossy magazines containing predictions about the future


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