Salon Event Wednesday March 29 2:00pm PDT


We’re hosting another salon event this Wednesday at 1400 Pacific time and we’d love for you to be a part of it. This event has some rules that you must adhere to in order to get in.

  1. You must wear a human avatar (with human appendages. please clarify if you have questions)
  2. You must be in an HMD
  3. You must be available from 13:45 until 15:00 (or so)
  4. You must provide your High Fidelity username for whitelisting

Email me and let me know you plan to attend.


Sounds speciesist :stuck_out_tongue: Do mean human, or humanoid.

In anycase, again a tad bit late for me to attend anything of the sort.


absolutely speciesist for this event :slight_smile: Must look fully human. No hand or foot attachments, no skeletons, no tigers for legs, etc.


What about black eyelashes?



Sounds great :sunglasses:
Where in HiFi is the Salon Event gonna take place?


So, no simple robot old default, no blue being of light default, no hats, no horns, handbags, name tags, skateboards or balloons? What about Leap Motion, Hydras or Kinect? And no foxes?

How about a 1m triangle 100 texture interpretation of a popular video game character? Or my real life cat using a modified HMD and paw controllers logged in as a human AV from the marketplace?

Maybe it would be simpler to just say only these marketplace avatars will be allowed?


But could I take a non-humanoid avatar as a +1 and check him as my pet at the door? :wink:


Well then i wont be attending .


Understandable. Choosing not to attend rather than choosing to change your avatar is totally acceptable. Hope to see you when this requirement isn’t in place.


The marketplace avatars are a good start, but not all of those even qualify. If you feel like donning a normy skin for the hour, let me know.


feels excluded ,hifi avatar wrong ears for a salon
real life avatar excluded from salons due to baldness


Not in the mood because it requires hmd i have.
But is this some pre sansar experiment ?
That’s where i did read this idea first.

Also, sounds a bit early for experiments like this with only a few marketplace avatars i would not use. because most use them already.

Also no time for it.


Not an experiment or a test. Simply an event with requirements. Hope you can join us next time.


In this case, salon is not a hair salon so bald is completely fine. :slightly_smiling_face:


It begins! We horses get excluded.


horses foxes and asses, we should start our own stable and not let them in , see how they likes it P:P


Why the big mystery ?


Could it have something todo with SVVR?

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