Sandbox not available on build 6850


I just upgraded, and now my sandbox is unavailable. Interface dingdongs repeatedly, and repeatedly flashes a dialog box saying there’s no connection and I should use GOTO to go somewhere else. Occasionally it pops up a message in the top right of the screen saying "connection refused: Error decrypting user signature.

Figured I’d ask here about it before I try a complete reinstall.

EDIT: I just checked task manager. After telling the server to stop and quit, there are 60 instances of assignment-client.exe still running. (Yes, I actually counted them all). Isn’t stopping and quitting the server supposed to kill all server processes?

EDIT again: Just uninstalled and scoured all traces from my c:\users\xxx\appdata folders. Had to manually kill 60 instances of assignment-client.exe before the thing would let me uninstall. Reinstalled. Same problem. No sandbox, and 60 instances of assignment-client.exe left running when I tell the sandbox to stop and quit.

So… I have no sandbox.


Hmm. That’s no good. It’s hard to tell whether this is a problem with some content you’ve got in your Sandbox, or some other nefarious thing. To check, try renaming your entity server folder, so that there’s just empty space, and rebooting, then starting up Sandbox.

If you’re still getting the same issue with all the content out of the way, would you mind emailing and giving them details of what you’re seeing?


Ya, I went and deleted all traces of HiFi from my AppData folders, reinstalled, and still have the same problem. Will email support now. Thanks for the response!


How long should I expect to wait for a response from I emailed them 2 days ago.