Sandbox will no longer run


I’ve just downloaded the OSX Beta 5585 release, and the sandbox ran fine at first but no longer starts up. I was given a dialog to reset my settings on interface on one occasion but can’t seem to find this option for sandbox.

Where are the settings stored for sandbox on OSX?

Burton Samograd


Hey @burtonsamograd - let me see if I can help you out with this.

There’s an extremely simple config file at ~/Library/Application Support/High Fidelity/Server Console/config.json but I think that is unlikely to be the cause of the problem you’re seeing.

So, to be clear, you no longer get the High Fidelity icon in your menu bar when you launch Sandbox?


I think I might have been confused about the difference between the ‘interface’ and ‘sandbox’ and making sure that both have been ‘Right Click Opened’ in OSX to make sure they both run. I seem to be having no problems now; thanks for providing the location of the config file.