sandboxChat.js Domain Entity Chat


This script allows chat in areas that are running a sandboxChat Entity Panel. like the Sandbox.
All the chat is relayed and displayed by a visible text panel in the Sandbox.

The skinny: Run the script from URL (given below) Go to sandbox and chat.

EDIT: Script is now available in the Marketplace.

This is a workaround system to allow New Alpha arrivals to see the local chat at a time before they learn how to run scripts etc. especially if they dont have audio or a mic.
People at the sandbox who are already running the sandboxChat.js script can communicate to whoever is around.

The chat is totally unsecured and open to the domain, this is an alpha script and not guaranteed and there are a few bugs.

Make sure you do not have editing turned on because it overrides the keyboard and your texting will cause the avatar to move around while typing because of the keyboard shortcuts while in edit mode. You can edit while the chat is visible just by clicking OFF the chat window.

You can download the script and run it from your local drive but if there are any updates you will need to download the new version each time. I recommend running the script from URL so it is up to date every time you restart.

Copy the link below and paste into File Menu > Running Scripts > Load Scripts > From URL

Use Spacebar to show and Backslash β€œβ€ to hide. Restart scripts when changing domains to connect to local panel.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

if anybody wants the display panel that goes with the sandboxChat script please message me and I will point you to the right place. I dont want to publish the panel publicly because if someone rezzes another one in the sandbox it will cause problems. HIt me up for a panel script.
Cheers Adrian


Thank you Adrian :smile:


@Adrian i wanted to test that, but high fidelity is unstable and crashing. I hope the fix that today. Display in the sandbox ? not on your own screen ? Oh well, i just need to test it.

Sounds good.


Thanks for the script. This may help if I can find places with a panel. So far my sound in HF has been spotty at best.



sandboxChat.js is now available in the marketplace.

Thanks to @ctrlaltdavid for suggesting using an include URL so I can host the script on my server and keep it updated yet make available at the marketplace.

Dont forget anybody is free to grab the display panel from me if you have your own domain to put it in.


Thank you Adrian. I have missed the chat window. For me it is often a bit hard to follow the English voice chat, because it isn’t my natural language.


I thought I would mention, the latest update includes a feature that will use your display name if you have one set.

It will only revert to using your User name if you dont have a display name set. This is in respect of those who dont wish to use their User name.

The unfortunate result is that if you have a message displayed, it will use that as your name lol.