Sansar video n stuffs


so wheres the avatars?


Nopt sure what is going onb in firefox. but this another video that refuse to play. The twitter ones sopmetimes have problems to.


It’s also not playing in Edge.



thats the link with a ’ at the start so it doesn’t just embed the vid


Ok, now the link play. i tried that one befoire with a fail. Let’s see what not usefull things he say.

Still not get excited about sansar. or mabye less excited. and it where already not terrible high :open_mouth:


Sansar avatars - video


Second Life Creators Head to Virtual Reality


Avatars are top secret in Blue Mars 2.0 :rolling_eyes:


They forgot to turn off deep link URL capture, so here:


Sl users wild with excitement over sansar demo
As i may have mentioned b4 Sl users hate everything especially change


Mutters about paywalls, whats it say?


Here I thought you were just re-posting the White Album or something.


It says SL reps talked about Sansar and then tells you to watch the video I posted earlier. It was a pretty lame and tame demo, not particularly better than the HF demos. I think the only difference I could discern is they have a nifty little virtual pad to select inventory. Sansar has built-in inventory unlike HF. Nonetheless, moving around some furniture then saying people can visit you it not a particularly compelling thing. I was surprised by that because Sansar is supposed to be much further ahead than what I saw demoed.


Weirdly I still see the video in firefox

Watching the video you can see Ebbie focus on the easy to use aspect and step away from user creation and have other people do all that stuff. which Is probably sensible.
I was also expecting it to be much further along that HIFI, from what we see here its not. The little clip of avatars without going down the why don’t they look more like this or that road seem really static. The hifi Mexico video has lots of moment and life in characters that are just skelingtons. We for now have fun cornered lol
I’m still really missing face tracking the presence that stuff gave us isnt easily replaced…

Its so hard judging who wins because all we’re looking at is the models immersion and presence are such a big part. and u cant get that from a video


Looking at that IM chat window screen grab, all I can say is… Ouch! Everything I’m seeing and hearing of late about Sansar just… doesn’t impress me, either. I suspect LL are in for a hell of a disappointment. They’re probably expecting millions of ppl to beat a path to their door once Sansar opens to the public, and instead they might just get… crickets chirping. oO

On another note… anyone else but me having that little video at the top keep playing again every time they load this thread, and occasionally start playing again a few moments later?


Ahh thanks Balpien. I couldn’t work out how to get that video URL.


Open an incognito window in Chrome.
Go to
Search for the headline text (Second Life Creators Head to Virtual Reality).
Open link from search results.
Ta Da! No more paywall :sunglasses:


Cool imagine if you used ur powers for evil


Still not sure how 100 of people can be excited with sansar.
Curious if am missing something. Hify and sansar cannot be the same.

Secondlife is a dead place. just a big cafe or disco. not more.

Twitter replies are the other wrong side. meanwhile most posters there buy a expensive useless mobile phone.

It’s only hard to not get sidetracked by people that think sansar is better. Or worse secondlife is usefull.


Seeing LL still dead set on repeating the same old stupid mistakes over and over and over again, … pffff … If LL thinks it’s a good idea to steal money from SL and pump it into yet another project(LittleTextPeople,Desura,Patterns,Avatars United,Dio,Versu,Creatorverse,InfinityX,Blocksworld),
ok, let them do it …not like they will really care one way or another what the main customers expect or need.

LL derives all of it’s funding from to an online community, then decides to keep this community relativity in the void about progress and it’s intention regarding Sansar. then chooses instead to, rather sadly, demonstrate the product to a completely different group of audience.
the lest 5yrs i tried to enjoy SL, but around every six months they would make some destructive policy change, and when Ebbe started thousands of resident creators over three years were ‘Purged’ for many reasons, but the legal reasons was all lies, then the ones to help sterile the grid to be more ‘PG’ …those policy changes effected everyone on the grid, destroying lives, so many avatars blood is stained on the hands of ebbe.

Lets not forget the Atlas Program, to keep Chung a millionaire, on the expense of the rest of the user base.

I think hundreds if not thousands of SL residents are waiting on HI Fidelity to mature, with many of us not the alpha/beta types for testing and if Hi Fidelity could just offer more backwards compatible features, many would expect or desire from the old world, it would likely lead to a good population boast.
options of VR but not being forced to use it or the feature set dependent on it. VR just needs more time to grow on people for people to think to themselves how could they ever live without it(Like the Cell Phone).

One thing the website here lacks is a digital portfolio, to highlight the advantages of using high fidelity for users and creators, when you look at the top of the main page a link should be for ‘Creator Advantage’ to showcase what you can do and create …Another button should say ‘Roadmap’ saying to people this is were we are, and this is were we plan to be in such amount of time. while the ‘Docs’ button covers some of this but not in a way that is tempting.(Marketing is almost everything)

Sansar is likely to bankrupt Linden Research Inc.if it is a flop then possibly Second Life being liquidated in bankruptcy courts to new owners sometime late 2018/Early 2019(Salvation is disguise?)
I think it is still early enough for Hi Fidelity to learn from Sansar mistakes after 1st Q. 2017, not being stuck on the same runaway train mentality.