Scale trouble a big problem


I’m noticing that scale is going to be a problem. A correctly scaled building is great with a vr headset but cramped without.

Is there anyway to double the size of everything when ur not using a rift and have it normal in a rift? Sorta like the tardis


Probably simply needs a FoV adjustment when not using the HMD.


Is there a way to leverage user size the way everyone minified themselves at Fridays dev meetup?


I do not see a scale problem. s long people stay in 1st person mode. 3rd person is a different problem, because the camera can go outside the building.


So the fov if that’s is the issue needs to default to match the vr settings


The scaling issue is a 3rd person, or better described as the roving camera problem. It is better here in that the camera here is not a quite the steep angle you see in SL. That steep angle is why avatars in SL are usually 7 feet and why furniture tends to be nearly 2x RL. The real problem is that the roving camera needs to be smarter. It needs to duck down when n avatar goes into a place with a ceiling.

Or, thinking further into the future, help us all stay in 1st person mode by providing mirrors. We need this in HMD mode. everyone wants to see themselves. Mirrors will help alleviate that narcissistic itch. Mirrors will also bring more people in to HF.


messes with the fov settings

thats at

which is sorta closer to the view in the rift but seems higher than my eye level view in first person.


Please don’t touch my fov.