Scalebound Game Canceled


These custom games are getting ever more costly with increasing delays to market. Is this problem a general trend in games? Can we learn something about the infrastructure features that could help recreate similar things in HF. I do like the concept of cooperative multiplayer play. It is literally having multiple people interact with common objects. Things like tossing a weapon to a fellow player, having him catch it, etc. Or, one person loading an RPG, the other firing it. Or, simply having two people lift a beam and carry it together, working cooperatively to place it. It adds new dimension to basic grip, equip, let-go.


I was really looking forward to scalebound. :frowning: Sad to see it was canceled.


Cooperative actions are surely the future for games, serious games, VR education and training, etc.
The article implied that the cancellation was caused by mismanagement of the dev team (large-scale burn-out).

BTW, is the community aware of SpatialOS?


I am aware of Spatial OS. Probably best to start a new topic about it :slight_smile:


I think / hope that we can replace some of the applications that are met with custom games. I agree that basic things like weapons and scoreboards and the like are key components to being able to use High Fidelity for gaming. One of our dev teams is building a ‘longbow’ clone with a similar strategy, and it will be available to everyone this month.

Gaming engines, though, have always traded off and sort of accessibility or standardization for the absolute state of the art in rendering, etc. So I think that even if High Fidelity reaches all it’s goals, there will still be Unreal engines, etc, that can do somewhat more. In a manner similar to how there are usually things you can do on a 2D surface that are outside the reach of what you can do in a web page.