Scarcity and value


Since Decentraland land parcels are limited in number, their value will increase if the platform gains traction

This is key in my mind ^^ why can’t Hifi do it too? too many domains … virtual land becomes a glut with no value.


Hum… Do you really want to live in a Hong Kong-ish world where it will become sooner or later too expensive for a part of its population?
Why everything should be systematically reserver to the rich?

If we see too much domains with no value like you said… maybe it just need a way to extract the interesting ones to give them more visibility.


The sense that a place is busy/has people is very important to growth for a social world, otherwise may as well just go with non social platforms.

I’ve seen it several times now… this is the big difference between SL and every world that has come later. Its a big mistake to have near-free limitless land.

Is it a world or a platform? A world has way more value, a platform competes against Unity and Unreal, good luck!


I do agree about that.
I just wish that we can achieve that without using a system base on speculation.

Maybe we just need a ‘Like’ feature to make valuable content become visible… assuming that people won’t do ‘Like’ on empty domains.

Ignoring domain without images in the GoTo would be already something. (In my sense, it’s a minimum to do when we want publish something in my sense)


But is that really what most people want ? If for example, you could buy a parcel for $1, would it give you access to powerful creation tools (or even an efficient distributed networks) ? Will such a system be viable if all the countries of the world decide to end net neutrality ?

If the answer is YES, then that parcel purchased at $1 will always have a some value and it will always be possible to resell it and make an additional profit. But for such a project to be successful, it is necessary to think about this economic system from the beginning… not in a hurry.
At least, HiFi could use some of these ideas to create an IPFS network gateway :heart_eyes:


I’m not sure why you think “all the countries of the world [might] decide to end net neutrality”! Just because the US does something doesn’t mean the world will automatically follow. (I know my country generally follows the US around like a tame lap dog, but I believe we are not the norm here).