Scavenger Hunt at HyperSpace


Hi everybody,

today I made a scavenger hunt for my domain HyperSpace. Find all the letters and create two words with them. The first one who sends me a message on the forum with the right solution will earn 500 HFC !!!

Happy Hunting:grin:


Hint: “This does not grow in Hyperspace”
Hint2: “Watch the pictures on the digital frame, they have hints for the locations of the letters”


Baobob tree
I think it’s a Baobob tree !


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We have a winner! Xaos was the first to find the solution and win 500 ! HFC

thanks for participating

for all you scavenger hunters out there try: good luck doing the same



Thank YOU so much!!
This has been tons of fun :purple_heart::hammer_and_wrench::sunglasses: