Scene doesn't render and Interface locks up - Build 2504 Windows


I’m starting to think Interface doesn’t like my computer. I have had poor performance with it from day one. Now, with the latest build I get green outlines of scene elements - and they ghost badly when moving (if I can even get the opportunity to move) before interface locks up and I must force a shutdown.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled - removing the folders in /local and /roaming in /AppData.

I can play most games on high settings with great framerates. The hardware is willing, it just can’t seem to get a chance. I logged in hoping to try some of the suggestions I was given in the thread I created about LOD issues I was having, but this seems to have preempted that problem.

If I can provide any information that is useful to figure this out i am willing.


Is it a specific place where you are freezing?

In any case, usually if the green outlines stay around it usually means an assets is being loaded, or is unreachable as they have not properly loaded into your cache (as in they are still downloading) You should probably check what the log files are saying…

To disable the glow / ghosting you have to turn off glow Developer > Render > Glow effect. The ghost is due to the assets not being fully downloaded.

I recently also have consistently freezing when going to earth while using a high end gaming pc I built a year ago. Repeating earlier thread that laptop graphics tend to currently have more issues than desktop, but both have their issues. But generally there will be instability issues which usually are addressed during late alpha and early beta. I’ve had stable sessions in other domains than earth, but results are varied. Usually Ive frozen when loading assets (which seems to be happening in your case as well)