Screen is half yellow and half blue


Everything loads up fine and for a split second everything looks normal but then a series of yellow and blue shades cover everything. I do not believe anything is missing it just seems as if everything is “covered”. I appreciate any help you may have. Thank you.

Light Entity Problem

These are not vr goggles…

More seriously, sounds like either a bad monitor connection or graphics driver. .did you try jiggling cables etc? Get latest driver?




That’s good.

Everything else on my pc is fine. Its just HiFi. It is like I’m wearing glasses. I’m hoping its just some mundane setting.


I should mention that I am not using a VR headset. This issue is occurring on my monitor.


You might want to go to welcome area and ask there, if you can handle the blue/yellow for a while. Sorry can’t be more help.


Have you ever found a solution to that, Theo? I’m having the same problem.


I am having the same problem as well. The colors depend on what direction I’m facing. In one direction the blotches are blue and purple, and in another direction they’re green and yellow.

Here’s a picture from the welcome area…


HF is not usable for me with this problem :frowning: When I walk into one of the areas that is blotched out, everything is mostly obscured. Not only Welcome, but also my home sandbox is affected, and the tutorial garden is almost completely invisible to me because of this. I can’t find anything except a big rock and the portal to Welcome. Everything else is obscured.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling HF, no change. The same areas are blotched out in these domains.


I think what you are seeing is a known issue from the recent Nvidia driver, NVidia Driver 384.76 has issues that we are investigating looks like its being fixed…


Thanks @whyroc. :slightly_smiling_face: I just noticed that announcement, and that is the exact driver I have installed. I’ll wait for the fix.