Script control of Interface LOD


While playing around with Recording.js, it seemed to me that to make things work well here some control of LOD settings of avatars present at places on a domain might be necessary.

This becomes apparent in various ways but what made me notice it was the behavior of AC recordings of Bot/NPC walking around that I was testing. When it got past the LOD threshold it would revert to no animation and would just “skate as a billboard” along the path recorded.

One can fix this by just changing your LOD settings in Interface but this is not something that you would want to have to require people to do.

For instance, in an indoor setting, the LOD should be set to nearby. No point it trying to render anything beyond the walls. But in an outdoor setting the LOD should be set to a greater distance. And in some instances you may want to set it for even farther, as in when someone approaches from the distance with little else to render.

This would allow content to be created that would show the user what was meant to be seen. And yes, it could be abused, but this is HiFi, not an SL sandbox. I hope things will not be nerfed here on the standard HiFi Interface client.


Uhmm, not complete true, you still need to render in many cases outdoor items to. Or it would look very weird if i stay in fron of window. Only very tiny objects could be skipped with rendering. LOD is difficult thing. render to much and it crawls. render not enough and the experience is gone.