Script editor not loading scripts from running list


Hi Folks,
I tried to run through the butterflies.js script editing example from the docs here:

I am running windows 7.1 64 bit and have installed hifi on the D:\ drive on my machine rather than the default.
Interface is build 4825.

If I try to use the script editor dropdown to load the butterflies script (or any other running script as far as I can tell) I get prompted for a new name but after that no text is loaded into the editor pane. The new file is created, but is zero bytes in length.

Nothing untoward appears in the log, in fact it looks like success:
Downloading included script at “file:///~/tutorials/butterflies.js”

Browsing to the file in the installation directory does work however.



Yeah this is bugged.
The first thing that should happen when you open the dropdown and select a script, the script should appear in the script editor, but it doesnt and you end up saving a blank file.



This is still broken, it saves a blank file every time.

Maybe this is expected as a security, people arent supposed to have clear access to the scripts running in their instance.

In which case the script editor could probably be removed.