Scripting , Print not print to log?


Still working on my log reader. because high fidelity not fix the font problem. So i needed to test something else. And the most easy way in the past where PRINT. I tried oine script, nothing changed it, still nothing in log. The script below worked. But still no text in the log. Double checked it by searching in the log file with other text viewer. nothing.

Why does this program not write any message to the log, It’s hard to debug if you cannot write anything. I tried to find soemnthing caled debug, because mabye that’s hwat you need to write to log. But no info !

So what is wrong with this script ?

//  changeColorOnClickDown.js
(function () 
   var clicked = false;
   this.clickDownOnEntity = function (entityID, mouseEvent) 
      if (clicked)
         Entities.editEntity(entityID, { color: { red: 0, green: 255, blue: 255} });
         clicked = false;
         print("----Click A----");
         Entities.editEntity(entityID, { color: { red: 255, green: 255, blue: 0} });
         clicked = true;
         print("----Click B----");

Note: the text need to be written to the hifi-log.txt file ! Or if possible to other custom file, that would make life only more easy.


Do you have Developer>Verbose Logging checked?


:roll_eyes: I don’t think so, going to check that. Mudt be a new function that sneaked in.


Thanks that did the trick.