Scripts not always start after login or teleport


This happens at least for script you develop and run from local disk.
The seems to refuse to work correctly regulair after a login or when you come back from other domain.

Makes testing a double challenge.


I’ve now tested the chair script by many arrival and departure means, and what I see is that there is a consistency bug instantiating a script into the client interface app when the avatar is ‘in range’. It has a low reproducibility percentage. To me it appears to be around 20% (one in five times more or less); that is, about 1 in 5 times a script which should be instantiated in the client simply doesn’t happen. This problem occurs on login, teleport into domain near entity, domain server restart, arrival from a far distance to the entity.

This is why people are finding things not working correctly sometimes while for others it seems to work.

The problem is not tied to scripts only running from local disk. It clearly happens with just about any script.

I have not found where the domain stack sends a message to the client to instantiate an entity script, but perhaps someone who knows how this works could tell me if the message has positive acknowledgement. Is it the case the domain stack will retry an instantiation if not notified of success. Or, as I suspect, is script instantiation a fire and forget message to the client?

cc: @Caitlyn perhaps this can be noted in a dev meeting?

Another model could be that the client checks for the appearance of new entities ‘in range’, so I have to go spelunking that code. Again, can who knows how entity script instantiation into the client give a brief description of the process?


You describe indeed how it feels when i work with scripts on my domain.
For me it seems to happen more then 20% of the time that the script i load from local disk is not responding anymore after i teleport back from other domain.