Scroll wheel no longer zooms in and out


Owch, thats all I can say.

I used to be able to navigate the entire edit mode with one hand, thats no longer possible. I now have to use 2 hands to do a simple zoom out using the up and down arrow keys, just made editing much more laborious.
Either that or my mouse wheel is broken.

Yeah I know there’s probably a good reason for this but I am prompted to voice my dislike.



Have you checked that your default scripts are loaded? If I remember right that was apart of some script


@Menithal Thanks for the tip, I never have default scripts running, I only run about 3 scripts most of the time.
I tried that and it didnt make any difference, are you saying scroll wheel in edit mode works for you?


Will have to check once I get home. haven’t paid much attention :smiley:


A fix for that is on the way:


Oh its a bug, thats a relief, thanks @chris