Sea-Air-Space Expo, Military Simulation Technology, Apr 13-15, Wash DC


Perhaps some in here (not sure who is here) will be interested in this. If such folks are here, they probably already know of this. But, in case not…

The 50th Sea-Air-Space Expo at the National Harbor in Maryland.

Sea-Air-Space 2015 is the Navy League’s premier exposition and the largest maritime show in the U.S… The show features the latest in military and simulation technologies.

Held in National Harbor, MD, from April 13-15,

There is no charge to attend the exposition for qualified attendees. Qualified attendees include the following:

Active Duty and Active Reserve U.S. Military
U.S. Federal Civilian Employees
Members of Congress and Congressional Staff
Representatives of Foreign Governments and Military
Representatives of Non-Exhibiting Defense Industry Companies
U.S. Government Contractors
Representatives of Exhibiting Companies
Invited Guests of the Navy League
Retired U.S. Military and Navy League Members


Again with this. This isn’t a military forum.


You are right. This is a virtual world and simulation technology forum.

But, I live in DC, and we don’t have much of an entertainment sector, so much of what happens in 3D and VR here rests with the military.

And the simple fact is-- regardless of your thoughts about the military-- it simply has some of the the most advanced technology toys.

So, if VWs and VR and immersive environments really are of interest to you, it would be silly to not see what those guys have, if you can.

You can always just ignore the things that don’t interest you, you know. : - )


Obvious this is not about me not being interested, but about me being opposed to the idea. Very hard to ignore something that goes against your beliefs, don’t you think ?

And the military has the most expensive toys only in the fields they fully dedicate to. It is foolish to believe that everything they have is the best just because the military has it, they buy from the lowest bidder as well and they cook with water.

You should look for medical conventions if you want to see some practical real world uses. Or Architecture. Those should be present in dc.


Well, I also mentioned, elsewhere on this board, a VR event coming up at Discovery Communications.
As I learn of other events in this area, I will share them, as well, in case anyone else is interested.

I would love to learn of similar events in SF, NY and LA. I would travel for anything really good.

I am not and never have been in the military, so I certainly cannot speak with authority. I do know that the military is slow to adopt many technologies on the public-facing side. But, it has been my perception that in many other arenas, their technology is about 20 years ahead of the rest of society’s, if not more. And by the time we get a look at something, it is only because they have shed it onto the pile to move on to something more advanced.

My friendly recommendation, @Adin, is that you enjoy your day by spending time on things that interest you. I will do the same. For example, I have virtually no interest in political-action or “activist”-style thinking, and tend to direct my attention and engage my conversations elsewhere.

Warm wishes,


Yes in weapon technology they are certainly ahead. Also in everything the revolves around it, as in detection, surveillance, etc.

My friendly recommendation is that you accept that there are alternative opinions and that by displaying your opinion publicly you might be confronted with them.