Search / goto domains based on status / permission


After a suggestion i figured out that when hou have anonymous visitors disabled, That you not show up in goto search.

That’s unexpected suprise !
My suggestion is to change the goto / search function based on what permission the user have for that domain. a few categories i think that are important.

  • Anonymous
  • Logged in
  • in List
  • In Group

So a user that is logged in, can find or search for domains and see them as result that allow access for logged in users. This mean anonymous users not find domains the have no access to. I think the same could be done for group an List, but the last two are mabye not needed. This would make search more fair and useable.

Topic that made me create this suggestion.


I completely agree. I expect that when we have individual feeds for each logged in user, we’ll show all-and-only those places you have entry access to. Right now, we have a single global feed, for which you don’t have to be logged in.

There’s a two-part write-up on our discovery project beginnging at The second part goes into a lot more detail.