Search radius is not working


The search radius feature is not working ever since I updated a few days ago. The image below shows that I have 3 models in a huge search radius. I actually have a lot more. There are some models that I cannot get to show up no matter what I do in the search filter or radius filter.


did u press return enter or tab after u put in a number^looks still highlighted in ur screenshot
its working fine for me


Yes I have. I have tried dozens of times over the last few days.


Yes I have the same issue and have mentioned it

I have discovered a cause and also a workaround.
The cause for me is to set the radius to a lower number by typing in the radius selector, I often set it to 2 meters because of another bug that refuses to select an object right in front of me. Once I return to 100 meters the edit window ignors that and continues to check in the 2 meter radius.
The workaround (that seems to work for me) dont type integers in, use the down carat to drop the radius from 100 to 99 then suddenly all items in 99 meters appear.