Seats, in zaru. and the problem with seats


The seats in zaru. It’s easy to sit in, in hmd and desktop.

The problems start when you use them in HMD. The biggest flaw is that it’s using some movement detection instead of pressing a button to standup.

So when you finaly ! sit after 10 trys, because the sit is not aligned to the center of you playzone. (Asked about that before) you need to get yourself first aligned.

Good, when you finaly sit, you many times need to step a bit forward to be in front of your avatar. Otherwise it feels and look wring at this moment.

Now the big problem, if you sit with HMD and you move in your playroom to grab a drink or do something. You many times kicked out of the chair again because it use movement detection instead of standup by pressing a button on the controller. I really like to see that auto standup gget dumped and replaced for something that let you move in RL in the playzone. But not kick you always out of the chair. Because that auto eject is the main problem why i hate the chairs.


I feel we will probably have rag-doll physics auto ejection chairs before we get a stand button.