Second Try in TryIT



I’m going to give another 45 minute talk about virtual reality and I’ll dedicate the last 15 minutes to High Fidelity on March 17th.
Look for “Ready Player Two” here:

I can focus the talk on these ideas:

  • Apache-licensed Open Source and why the license is very important (
  • Distributed architecture. This is necessary to have infinite worlds and infinite avatars. Links to Apache-licensed (
  • Naturality of avatars in hands, body and mouth to achieve a more natural communication inworld (“Using the Leap”, ‘Emily singing “Beautiful”’ and “Facial capture” videos).
  • Interaction with the virtual environment with your own hands (“Drawing on the Whiteboard Together” video).
  • High learning curve and why this is not a problem because developing in Internet has also a high learning curve and everybody uses it (advanced menus in the interface).
  • inworld content programmable in a modern language like JavaScript.

Any other idea?


The facial capture software used for those videos Faceshift is nolonger available .

High learning curve is a problem if we ever want to become mainstream.

Re other ideas - vr the gamble .To understand the power of vr you have to experience it and experience it in optimum conditions .A poor or no first impression will kill this all dead. In a world where the press tell us what we think can VR really flourish? Or will it go the same way as 3d television. Where people who haven’t even tried it know they don’t like it .