Section for New people and returning people


I can’t remember how long I have been part of this community but I know that 99% of the time I am not taking part. The community has tons of information alot of which can become meaningless to someone new or returning.
When I 1st got interested in VR was 2012 while a member of the Cloud Party Community. We were all expecting FaceBook to help develop the VR for consumers to use the VR sets on SL and CP.
Right now whenever I get email from HF there is just too much information to read through. It would be great if the emails were relevant to new people. Whenever I randomly log onto the HF chat I sometimes wonder if I should get a VR set: But I have no idea what I should buy and how long before the experience gets boring.


I’m a newbie and my question is,what is this Section for?


Hopefully it will help new people chat and help each other learning the purpose of Hifi.
It should also help you get the most from Hifi and building communities.