Security alert after joining


hello everyone - I joined last night and am very excited to be here. I do have one question however - I received a mail from HF after signing up asking me to confirm my email address (which is normal). One minute later however I got a mail from my email provider alerting me that someone was trying to connect from Germany but I dont live in Germany. One more minute later I received a second mail from HF with help on what to do next. I just think its odd I received an alert in between the two HF mails and wondered if anyone else had that happened. Is it a normal thing due to the fact the server is my computer ? If so I am relieved though would have preferred not to spend 1 hour changing passwords :wink: In all my years with this pc and my email account I have never received an alert like this. If its nothing to do with signing up it sure is a coincidence ! Please let me know thanks and look foward to seeing you all !


Most likely a coincidence :slight_smile: the things happen


Thanks Menithal for getting back. Sighs…good thing i changed them all then! Though a very strange coincidence I think maybe it may interest the developers ie if some malicious third party is getting data on people connecting. I was reading the posts on the vulnerabilities in the stack manager so wonder still if related. Then again it may be my suspicious inner self talking :wink:
thanks again for your speedy reply.