Seeking an actor or an extroverted Alpha/Beta!


Hi All,

I’m following up a post I made several weeks ago about a project I’m working on inside Hi Fi. I’m a filmmaker exploring the intersection of movies and VR and am conducting an experiment of sorts: I’m creating an interactive experience that combines elements of live theater, role playing video games, and cinema. I’m happy to say I’ve found some incredible alphas here and am working with Adrian and Captain Oculus on this project.

I’m still looking for one more participant: I need someone familiar with HiFi, who owns a Vive or Rift, who wants to do a little acting. No serious experience is required other than being extroverted and enjoying the process of learning lines, rehearsing and performing. It’s a pretty small role (a snarky robot) but it will be fun. So far our cast is made up of actors interested in VR and VR creators interested in acting - it’s a great combination.

I don’t have a lot of money as this is a passion project. But I can offer $100 as a thank you. In return I’m asking for 3-4 rehearsals of about 30 minutes each and 2 live performances. The piece runs about 10 minutes or so.

If you’re curious about the intersection of cinematic storytelling and VR, or have always wanted to do some acting, this is your chance!

My email is You can reach me there or here on this post.

It’s a fun project and I would love to find the last piece of the puzzle from among Hi Fi alphas and betas.