Seeking folks interested in HiFi and disability!


Hello! We’d like to tell you about our research project, “Virtual Worlds, Disability, and New Cultures of the Embodied Self.” We are the two Principal Investigators for the project, Professor Tom Boellstorff (University of California, Irvine) and Professor Donna Z. Davis (University of Oregon). The project is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation. We are very excited about this project and invite you to get involved! If you have any kind of disability (you don’t need to document your disability for us, we trust you), we would love to give you free land on our domain, ethnographia2. You can use the land to make something that lets you share your experiences, insights, and thoughts, and also to get to know other folks with disabilities who are exploring High Fidelity. What are the possibilities new virtual worlds like High Fidelity hold for disabled people? How could it work better for disabled people? Come join us! Just email Tom ( or Donna ( We can share more details with you, including the basic building guidelines and other information. We look forward to hearing from you!


I have my own domain… One thing i know.
And that is one reason i keep at times pointing at it.
Many people with a Disability like to have text chat, and avoid voice.
Others mabye cannot talk in english.

Voice can also be a stress factor at times.
So global on high fidelity chat / im is still something that is required.


You’re absolutely right, Richardus! I know that in other virtual worlds, lots of disabled folks prefer text chat (for instance, Deaf folks), not to mention the international issue. It will be interesting to see what text chat options become available in HiFi, and what creative ideas people will develop to use text chat in VR - when you don’t have a physical keyboard in front of you, it seems like text chat can be a real challenge!

If you let me know the name of your domain, I’ll come check it out sometime!


I just posted a reply to your comment-thanks!


Hey! I am very interested in VR for the Deaf, Elderly, Blind.




How dit this project gone?
I am intrested in this matter too.



I can only make the conclusion that high fidelity is not suitable for lot’s of things.

Otherwise the would have fixed that 10 months ago. Ill wait a bit longer and check the other platform that seems to have done things right that hifi after 15 months still not have done right. Instead the made it worse and harder to work with.


Shoot me an email ( and we can say hello!


So far we haven’t been able to do much in HF, but we’ll keep trying!


I think it’s more that i use it because there’s currently no replacement.
And use it is a big word, i try to avoid it as much as possible.
Only need it sometimes to check my work, and that can be a bad enough experience this days.


“The other platform” : which one ?