Seeking movie extras - paid in HFC


Movie Extras wanted. Paid in HFC. Join the Metaverse Actors Guild and participate in the MetaMovie, a unique new interactive storytelling experience.

We are seeking extroverted and fun-loving participants to perform as extras (background actors) in our live MetaMovie performances. No acting experience necessary, all that is required in a commitment to three one-hour rehearsals and five live performances of a ten minute interactive experience. These are small, non-speaking parts that anyone can learn and perform in no time. Work with our collective of VR actors and crew members and have a blast as we provide a wildly exciting new entertainment experience to VR users.

Pay is 5,000 HFC.


What are the times/dates?


Sounds cool! I have a Vive wireless setup with about a 10x10 foot play space and 5 Vive trackers for full body tracking. When would you need us?



If you’re still looking for Move Extras, I am interested.


Hi @jasonmo if this roll is still available I would like to audition/apply if possible.


Hi JacksonJ,

Yes, we are still accepting performers into the newly formed Metaverse Players Guild! Please email me directly at: so we can talk about what roles are available and what your availability is. Thanks!