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Since it’s the crazy rumour and leak season:

“Rumor has it the Firestorm Team is preparing to launch a custom viewer for High Fidelity,something that cannot be done for Sansar besides plugins if that, then only if they ask pretty please with sugar on top.”


It’s rubbish - I’m a member of the Firestorm team.
Got a link to that comment?


Ahh found it


Yes, I just wondered, because I know you have been in HiFI. I would have
been happy to hear the affirmative, but thanks for the quick response.
From the land of the CRAZIEST politics ever. DrFran


Besides writing a custom viewer for high fidelity that still have changes in short time for desktop and HMD. Thats close to impossible task.

It’s more handy to just redesign scripts and parts of the ii then.


If it’s on the net it must be true, who are u going to believe your self or the interwebs