Select install directory


Mac client: it would be nice to be able to select the install dir during install procedure
I prefer to keep the Applications dir as clean as possible

Also install with admin rights is considered less safe
(it’s good practice to work default with a less privileged user when possible)

When installing in Mac Applications dir --> always needed to switch to admin etc.
Regarding safety: sandboxing the client would be a good idea

With complex tool chains like Hifi with all the backend servers / interconnected stuff like Assignment Servers etc. a good solid - secure - foundation = very important

question 1) make Mac client install more flexible / safer ?
question 2) sandboxing Mac client ?


I just tried to install the mac interface on my work laptop and ran into the same issue, can’t select my user’s application folder to install, and I don’t have admin rights on this machine.


Hi @tobedetermined if you right click on the install application, then click “open”


Hey @chris ,

I’ve tried that but still the same. When I try ‘Change Install Location…’ it just jumps back to the ‘Select a Destination’ screen where I choose the disk.



At the moment there is no freedom in choosing your install location on the Mac, as far as I know

When you choose open, it just starts the installer
Then you have to follow the provided - fixed path etc

I have installed the Mac developer tools, with it comes a package builder - editor
With this you are able to “edit” the provided Interface packege

The Mac Interface file - as you see it - is actual a so called package with folders and many other files in it

With the Developer tool you can change for instance:

  • choose your own install disk
  • choose your own sub directories
  • during install: no admin rights needed when installing in your own folders, etc

But of course: this is way too much handling every time a new build is provided
I hope this sheds some light for you :slight_smile:

I already openen a Work item on the list for this


Want to note that High Fidelity is still hardcoded to the C:\ drive so the link to my webbrowser is still broken…