Selective Cache Invalidation


We need selective cache invalidation. Any time that an entity property that is a reference is changed (a ref to a model URL, to a sound URL, to a script URL, etc.) whatever reference is being replaced should first be removed from the interface cache. Doing this will solve all of rapid delopment issues and it will do so without having the massive slowdown disruption of invalidating the entirety of caches. It also eliminates the need for that ?wart workaround which to date rarely works correctly every time.



Efficient selective cache invalidation (a different implementation but the principles apply)


i has been doin like thoys showed me

i get the link from my pc paste it into the browser then copy that link lication
then u have a locally hosted copy that u only need to relog to get the updated version
once ur happy with it then put it on a server.
its not perfect but it does work, assumes it works with scripts