Sending credits to any wallet ID


So, you’ve got @leo’s assignment-manager pointed at, and you’re earning credits as we speak. Now what?

Today we added a feature to the data server that allows you to send some (or all) of your credits to any another user. Here’s how it works.

Getting a user’s wallet ID

First - you’ll need to know the ID of the wallet you want to send credits to. You can exchange these however you’d like. I’d recommend you also add it to the ‘About me’ section of your profile on the forum. By doing so you’ll allow all other forum users to quickly grab your wallet ID if they want to send some credits your way. If you click on my username in the left column you should get an info window popup that displays my ‘About me’ information. My High Fidelity wallet ID is in the second line.

So, if you wanted to send me a few credits (or a fraction of a single credit), the wallet ID you would use is ‘3e864d48-6f3f-4012-9620-fa4d34cbdda7’.

Getting your wallet ID

Start at your profile page on the data server by logging in with your High Fidelity account. The first thing you should see after you log in is your own wallet information - ID and credit balance. This ID is what you will give to other users so they can send you credits.

Sending credits

Click on the ‘Send credits’ button below your wallet information. This will bring you to the new transaction page. On this page you will enter the destination wallet ID and the credit amount you want to send.

Click the button and confirm the transaction by double checking the wallet ID and amount in the confirmation dialog.

Upon clicking ‘Confirm’ the credits will be immediately sent to the other wallet (assuming you have a valid destination wallet ID and a high enough credit balance in your wallet). You will be re-directed back to the profile page where you can see that your balance has been debited.

There is also a transaction table on the profile page where you will see the new transaction highlighted.

Find some reasons to send credits to each other and test it out! Feel free to add your feedback and bug reports below this post.

Happy spending!


Thanks Birarda!

You can now all send me your money, just because you love me:


@philip for ever .50 ill sing ya a song LOL.


Well this is all very fine but when is there going to be an assignment client for Windows?


All set up with my UUID in my profile… and waiting for the “credits” to flow :smile:

So is the currency to be forever called “Credits”?


I get an We’re sorry, but something went wrong when I try to send a credit …


@MarcelEdward My fault - just merged a fixed for that. Try again and you should be all set!


it is all set, transferred a credit to Ai_Austin to start his credits flow :smile:


I am rich!!! Looks at virtual Ferrari catalogue to see prices…

@MarcelEdward thanks for that. Great to have some credit to play with… and I just did a credit transfer back to you as a test… works a treat.

Might be nice if the UUID was available via the profile (hidden if a user wishes) so its available in a regular place rather than people manually needing to add it in their profile. But that works well for now.


done! buy yourself an icecream.


Ok, found it. now only some credits. lol


All mug Emily! She’s the richest person in HF !


We had it we lost it

I’m craving coin whens it coming back?
We don’t have an army of users to sell too
But its catch 22 until we have a currency…


Does this still function? Now that the DOW is in the sh*t-tank and bitcoin is rising this would be a good time to get liquid…


Working on it…


Well, you mabye need to get used to it. But bitcoin must be safer then a L$.
ALso a bitcoin cannot be screwed by one country.

Time will tell, for now there’s no currency at all in high fidelity or the marketplace.


I think users will be happier with a decentralized currency rather than something like SL’s “Lindens”.

I never trusted Lindens and their control over the creation of unlimited amounts of L’s to be placed in a sell order on the “market”.