Sending entities off into the vastness


I have tried to find the answer myself but couldn’t. I recently sent an entity object off using linear velocity. It kept going and going until it was gone. I couldn’t locate it even when I cranked up the search radius to insane numbers. Is it gone for good or does it exist somewhere?


Think you lost one there buddy. I will say a prayer tonight. :grin:

It’s a good question, I don’t really know, I assume it would be removed.


Are you asking for your ball back?
It broke the glass in my green house so I’m keeping it and i shall be speaking to your parents


As far i know, if entity is leaving the domain. crossing the edge and sliding into neutral zone.
The will automatic disappear and removed from the domain. So if you want them , keep them inside the domain.

Also if you want to find something, increase in the entities list the search range to 33000 to cover the whle domain for searching.


I guess that makes you my neighbor Judas! (I think we are all neighbors in the meta metaverse.?.)

Thanks, I was suspecting that the entity was gone. It was a test to see if it would circle back around again from the other direction. It does not :o)

Next I will try an experiment to see if I can send an object out and back again. :yum: