Server Console -> Sandbox


We are renaming the “High Fidelity Server Console” to “High Fidelity Sandbox”.

Some of the old “High Fidelity” shortcuts are being renamed to “High Fidelity Interface”.

When you run the installer for build 4580 your existing shortcuts will be replaced. You may need to refresh your desktop to remove the old icons on the desktop.

Let me know you see any old Server Console mentions that we missed!


You guys really know how to add confusion dont you.
I’m sure you have your reasons for this obscure name change and I’m not sure you will tell us what they are.

Server Console is descriptive, accurate, professional, and complete.
Sandbox is vague, non-descriptive, totally confusing, and sounds like a toy.

Hifi://sandbox is a domain isnt it? Confusion point one.
Sandbox has specific properties about people being allowed to come and do what they want.
My professional domain is not a sandbox.

Here are 2 Wiki definitions of “Sandbox”…
Sandbox (computer security), a virtual container in which untrusted programs can be safely run
Sandbox (software development), an online environment in which code or content changes can be tested without affecting the original system

emphasis mine.


Even just plain “Server” would be better (more descriptive and not so temporary sounding) than “Sandbox”.


I would have called it “Virtual Place”. “Server” is OK too though too geeky for the larger market. This does remind me of the days when VirtualPC, which transformed into the Microsoft Hypervisor finally named “Hyper-V”, went through a marketing naming campaign. They almost called it “VertiFlex”, were it not for many of us decrying that potential naming.

“Sandbox” seems like a very alpha name to me. Too much impermanence implied in that name.

I can only offer this thought:, a tad religious but the parable does make sense to urge people to not build one’s house, one’s foundation on sand. It does strike me as odd for a company located in the sandy landfilled flats of San Francisco. Oh well, HF Sandbox it is, until Marketing wakes up. :smirk:


This was the reason I thought it switched from Stack Manager to Console. It was a small step closer toward mass-adoption. Sandbox does seem too impermanent, and Toybox is probably too childish… perhaps something that describes it’s core functions (like atp or domain stuff)

High Fidelity Interface


High Fidelity Asset Stage

If a user reads this, they could immediate know that the (previously named) Console, is a place where:

  1. I can probably put assets inside that machine (Asset Stage)
  2. I can likely setup things like sound mixers and director scripts (Asset Stage)
  3. This is a program that allows me to interact with my stage. (Interface)

In my opinion this is the logical name for the Console. Thoughts?


New this is a complete not logic naming, it also is confusing. sandbox make no sense for a server. unless it’s part of some other project.

Sandbox means everybody can play and screw things. It’s not saying you have your own place or server , too, the so called domain.

Find a better name instead of sandbox, it’s not really make sense for what it’s doing. console where not cover the content too, but still better.

Some options could be.

  • high fidelity manager.
  • high fidelity server
  • high fidelity domain manager

Sandbox sound so… uhmm… test area. not for real usage.

This is what high fidelity is saying for me with the new name, not sounds professional and something you want to use for live use.


Me asking Kevin about his integration technique…


I go delay updates a bit, until the replaced sandbox for soemthing betetr or explain why the did choice a terrible name like that. It’s a childish name for a porogram High Fidelity Sandbox. Bleh !


It makes a lot of sense and I love the name. If you are running the domain server and assignment clients on your own, up on a server on Amazon, then you are running and compiling those systems separately. If you want to have everything packaged up with one installer that you can run on your machine you can get the Sandbox. Chances are, you have never deployed a ‘server’ or need to know what one is. It packages all the servers into an easily manageable system. It also is very self explanatory; it is something that allows you to go in and create ‘VR stuff’ and do it with other people.

I will be taking away the placename "hifi://sandbox and renaming it.


Still High Fidelity sandbox sounds everything except a bit promesing and you would say . Hee sounds good. Sandbox sound smore like something temporarly. Not something for production use.

Anyway, just installed. 4586. and nothing changed. Add more info later.
Ok, running 4586, desktop icon not changed. naming not seems changed. except the name in the installer is changed.

Have the feeling that only the name is chnage the high fidelity sandbox where you can select what to install. everything else seeems updated but not changed.


By usurping the word sandbox to describe a collection of servers, the traditional use of the word sandbox is now totally obscured due to this new meaning.
What if I want to offer a sandbox to users, I cant call it a sandbox anymore because it means nothing, they are all sandboxes.

Sorry but in my opinion you have just reduced the global perception of Hifi from The next gen 3d web to a “playground”, something not to be taken seriously, and here’s me thinking you were targeting developers and professionals.

Perception and branding is critical.

You paint Hifi as something for the everyday user but in reality you need a degree in computer science to make anything work. It just doesnt fit.


eventually a ‘Playa’, hifi://playa


Alas we’ve had our last ever Friday meeting in the sandbox.


From this day, people will talk about that high fidelity is one big sandbox.


Better be there this Friday @Piper.Peppercorn !! We can send the place name off in style.


I’ll compile my own version and call it local world.


Or Piper’s Paradise.


Looks like this is a done deal, but it is alpha, April Fool is around the corner, and there are many months before product launch.

I agree ‘server’ is a bit geeky. It also looks like you explained to us all why ‘sandbox’ is not the right term to use. Yes, I prefer ‘VR Stuff’ to sandbox, it is close to my suggested ‘Virtual Places’ which better describes what is the overall package. I prefer almost anything but ‘sandbox’.

There is a profusion of sandbox apps (all for testing purposes) and 145 U.S. trademarks for ‘SANDBOX’. For example, APIgee uses that name:


Meh, “Sandbox” takes away part of the vision of having a distributed virtual world / reality: it’s saying you can run it locally but it’s only a toy, not the real thing. What ever happened to the idea of people sharing their computational resources?


I wonder if we have heard the last of this. I would not surprise me if tomorrow they finalize on the new name:

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll hurl.
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