Server scripts vs Assignment (run on sandbox)


I’m working on a script that rezzes and flashlight entity if it finds that there are no other entities within range. From what I can tell it could be run as sever or assignment, server may be easier in t hat I can work on it directly in the client, is there any difference performance or permissions?


No difference in permissions…
Server entity scripts essentially are entity scripts run by an assignment client.

It is actually very exploitable and I have made a fogbugs ticket to try to get it fixed from High Fidelity’s end and had a small solution:

Unfortunately: Even though they added a whitelist filter, it is not enabled by default, so the only other guard against it is simply to not allow anything to be added or edited in a domain.

Basically saying it out now in Public just to get it fixed properlyr because I am tired of waiting, and people should know to set their whitelists…


Ok so we need to whitelist entities that run server scripts? (or else ye be foxbombed…)

… is this it?

Entity Scripts Allowed from:
Comma separated list of URLs (with optional paths) that entity scripts are allowed from. If someone attempts to create and entity or edit an entity to have a different domain, it will be rejected. If left blank, any domain is allowed.

Filter Entity Edits
Check all entity edits against this filter function.


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