Set items at rezz default as "NOT grabbable"


This a bit strange. i place cube. and it’s default set to inworld grabbable.
That’s really a wrong default setting. And good for big problems i already found in some entities i worked with.

Set entities after rezzing default to NOT grabbable.
Let the user decide if it need to be grabbable.


I agree, I think it’s really illogical atm


Its unlikely to be solved unless someone does the modification to the Edit Script and sends it to Hifi.

For now there is the tool


It keeps a very stupid implementation. To have everything rezzed as grabbable. As long High Fidelity not seems to fix important things like this. Because user forget it’s default grabbable. It’s going to be choas.

Just try to make a photo for marketplace item. I did remember to turn it of on the object. Forgot it on the white floor prim. :roll_eyes:



Try deselecting the menu item, Edit > Create Entities As Grabbable.


agrees its stupid,
Why is it on by default, the rest of those things arent ?

i want to rez an item and lock it but i still want a stranger with hand controllers to throw it across the domain


Aha nice !, still that better is off by default. It will create to many problems for users if it’s enabled by default.


I think this is by design, so that people in HMD can interact with the object immediately after creating it while in HMD.

@ctrlaltdavid: Perhaps it would be better to have grabbable off by default when in desktop mode, but instead the flag controls if in HMD mode. Most of the time if one is in desktop mode, one is building the scene instead of wanting to make things grabbable.


It shouldn’t override lock


If it is to override lock, ok, but should not be modifiable in any other aspect than position and rotation. When someone resize a bottle to the size of an house, that’s not really the pollution level we wanted to allow on a domain .


On the other side, if you are in VR and walk over your land, planting trees, flowers, sound orbs and other stuff, it is very nice to have everything grabable. I rezzed also a sound orb from @Richardus.Raymaker (very nice one, thanks for this Richard], and it was pity I couldn’t just grab and place it.

So maybe, the grabable thing must be more differently. Maybe if someone with build rights is in VR, it must be easy to have everything grabable. But without anything to have switch on or off somewhere in the deep menus, it should not be grabbable for other people, or when in desktop mode.

So maybe - it need a little bit time and patience to find a really good and usable solution here.



In the edit properties a toggle so you can easy turn grabbable on or off. but have it default off ?


Maybe that “Grabbable” should be present on the UI of the “Add Model”.


just that moment when somone accidentally picks up the ground of the domain that u spent forever putting there
u will change ur mind


I see that this gabble mistake is still not fixed.
Things you rezz are still default grabbable.


Or is there a setting on the domain server where we can say nothing is grabbable default ?