Set skeletonModelURL in AC playback?


I’ve added as a persistent script, slightly modified from the standard recordingPlayback.js :

Avatar.skeletonModelURL = modelFile;

However, it seems to have no effect; the AC still assumes the default avatar.

I see in this note:

# Setting the avatar's model
Need to update this section*

Is there a way to set model from within an AC script?


Hi @audreyt!

Took a peek at the 00-demo-rotate-jump.js script you posted. Can you make sure that Agent.isAvatar = true happens before you change the other Avatar properties?

I believe that the call to set skeletonModelURL may be silently failing because at that point in time isAvatar is false.


Thanks! I did the change (and made sure the URL was cached) but it is still not applying.

Moreover, the head/hand movements in the recording seems to be discarded; only rotation and translation seem to be present in the playback. Is this as intended, and if I’d like to contribute a fix, where should I look into?


I know that the recording code has not been looked at in a while, it is possible that something in the joint tracking or playback is no longer working properly and will need to be updated.

Looking again at the script I wonder if Recording.setPlayerUseSkeletonModel(true); is not what is causing problems. When you recorded which skeleton model URL was being used?

In theory without that line it should abide by what you have passed for .skeletonModelURL.


Thanks for your help! Unfortunately that does not seem to work.

It’s fine for now — I just started another instance on a separate laptop.

Still, would be great to update when there is a way around this issue.