Setting up Oculus - Interface not loading



When I run the viewer and put on the headset the Oculus wireframe ‘loading…’ sreen appears and after a while it displays the message ‘Sorry, Interface is taking a while to load. If the problem persists take off your headset and check this problem in your app’

My guess is that I have the Oculus connected in my external graphics card and the LED display in the motherboard’s integrated grahpics card. I’m doing thise since my external graphics has only one HDMI input. However all the other VR games and demos I tried worked fine.

This is my setup:

CPU: Intel i7 8700
RAM: 8GB 2400mhz
Graphics: GeForce 1050ti (GigaByte)
Motherboard: ASUS Rog Strix - Z370-H Gaming


Solved. Bought an HDMI/DVI cable and plugged the display in the external graphics cards. :stuck_out_tongue: