Shame that we still not have privacy zones, force you to close a whole domain


I asked about this long time ago. But when you want todo soemthing that you want todo without interruption. Your forced to close your whole domain !

I still call this annoying stupid.
When we did have a zone we could set private so nobody can go in or look in the other parts of the domain could be open.

But it seems high fidelity preffer to have closed domains and no things to look at instead of open domains. with mabye a privacy zone.



There are like 5 users is it much of a problem? I have like 2 domains and have seen no one in like 6 months


I popped in regulair. but your never there :open_mouth:


I’m running an abstracted dual layer domain system that allows users to enter my domain during construction which still charges each user the full price without ever being troubled by the construction team


I’m running a unilateral phase detractor which amplifies the magnetic reluctance.
This allows users to enjoy the feeling of total creative freedom, in as much as they can depend completely on their own imaginations to generate other avatars and scenery. Thereby reducing the tiresome problem of actually having any visitors or the need to create any content. :upside_down:

Seriously though @Richardus.Raymaker build your zone and put a URL to this script in it
This script will TP anybody who isnt “Adrian” to your domain origin.

this.enterEntity = function(entityID) {
if(GlobalServices.username != “Adrian”){
MyAvatar.position = {x : 0, y: 0, z: 0};
}; })

You need to put your own name instead of mine, and make the landing co-ords a bit friendlier, maybe boot them to your reception lounge where there’s a sign that says you want to be left alone.


Send all miscreants to “Entry”. Let them sort them out.


Adrian, you need to modify it to send them to Judas’ domain. He sounds lonely.


Except ghat people still can look inside the domain. First need to work on some other things. Mabye know how to vive control my door.


You said you wanted people to be able to get to the domain but not into your private zone. Or did I misunderstand?


That’s correct, but that also means no peeking in that privacy zone. Otherwise i would named it different. It’s anway something zones need.

Now when your inside a skybox zone you can see crap that’s outside the skybox zone and ruine the look and feel.

For now… i think i just go run the sadnbox as localhost. if i really need to test something.


wonders what @Richardus.Raymaker is doing that he doesn’t want us to see, quick everyone tp there


Doing right now nothing. because the last interface version is screw things regulair with my hud.


Frantically hides his xenoporn in case someone TPs over to his place.

Actually, there is a very good case for making a zone that no one outside can see in or hear what’s going on in it. However, I also figure there needs to be a bit more fine tuned control over the details of that restriction. For instance, you want a zone where no one can see in, but where those inside can see OUT without trouble.

Contrariwise, you might want a zone where no one inside it can see out, but everyone outside can see in. Say, an arena zone where you don’t want the contestants to see the audience, but clearly want the audience to see the contestants battling it out, and cheering them on.

You’d also want to be able to separately determine whether sound can get in or out. Perhaps while also being able to set the volume lower for sound that’s coming in from the outside. Say, muffle the traffic noise from outside the apartment, while also making the sound inside the apartment largely inaudible to anyone outside, or even completely inaudible.


Or particles cannot enter or exit the zone, etc. I can see a wide list of effects and actions that would be great to define as inhibited inbound/outbound, or both ways. Yes, it would be best to think through the possibilities and also to see if there is some generalization and extensibility that can be done to prevent a bunch of haphazard potentially incompatible changes.


Yeah, and also stuff like “rain” stopping at the roof, and stuff.