Shortcuts in Create app! Air your dirty laundry please! ;P


Hey everyone,

I know in previous topics some people had some complaints about some shortcuts (specifically relating to duplication).
I want to accumulate your input and complaints about the shortcuts in the Create app.

Here’s the list of the current ones.

Action Shortcut
Select Mouse Left-Click
Select Multiple SHIFT + Mouse Left-Click
Translate on X/Z Plane Mouse Left-Click + Drag
Translate on X/Z Axes SHIFT + Mouse Left-Click + Drag
Undo CTRL + Z
Focus on Selected Entity or Edit Camera View F
Align Grid to Bottom of Entities G
Deselect CTRL + D
Toggle Local/World Space T
Duplicate ALT + Mouse Left-Click + Drag
Snap Rotations CTRL + Mouse Left-Click rotation rings
Select All CTRL + A
Parent CTRL+P
Unparent SHIFT + CTRL+ P

Fire away! Everything helps. THANKS!


Changes that I’d make include:

Duplicate entity: Shift + Left-Click + Drag … This because Alt + Left-Click + Drag is used by the inspect.js scripts, a la Second Life.

Translate on X-Y axes: Ctrl + Left-Click + Drag

Add entity to / remove entity from selection: Ctrl + Left-Click

Extend selection to include all entities with positions inside the bounding box formed by the current selection and clicked entities: Shift + Left Click

Redo: Ctrl + Y

Copy: Ctrl + C

Cut: Ctrl + X

Paste: Ctrl + V

(I have Windows- and SL-centric motor memory.)


A few wishlist items…

Mostly just cam controls in similar operation to Blender. Admittedly, I’ve not used the inspect.js script so I’ll try it out and see if these are included. I realize you have Snap Rotations while clicking the rings, but that would only cover 2 of the items in the list below.

Action Shortcut
Cam Snap to Front Numpad 1
Cam Snap to Back Numpad 5
Cam Snap to Top Numpad 7
Cam Rotate Step Clockwise Numpad 4
Cam Rotate Step Anti-Clockwise Numpad 6
Cam Rotate Step Forward Ferris Wheel Numpad 8
Cam Rotate Step Reverse Ferris Wheel Numpad 2
Data Dump (info) To Log CTRL + i
Data Export To JSON CTRL + e
Warp To Active Selection CTRL + w

There is an item on the Marketplace that dumps data for the user to view, and we already have a JSON exporter.