Should i reinstall Stack Manager?


I earlier described  a problem -
how at Log In my default avatar, appears, bounces up and down and then disappears from view and that ’ (quote key) will tempoarily restore avatar in 3rd person but it quickly disapears again, rendering the system useless.

With only Stack Manager Running
I can see in the Domain Server log, that after loading
Added 'Audio Mixer’
Added 'Avatar Mixer’
Added 'Messages Mixer’
Added 'Asset Server’
Added ‘Entity Server’
… there follows
Added 'Agent’
Added 'Agent’
Added 'Agent’
these 3 entries for 'Added “Agent”, are i 'm guessing a legacy from  animatedAvatarAgent.js (?) which has now been removed

I’m further guessing that these ‘agents’ are a possible cause of my avatar jumping up and down as soon as  i log on
Either way I’m concluding that there is a bug in my stack manager which the regular updates don’t address and i need to make a complete fresh install of Stack Manager
I’m reluctant to do this because i have a lot of work littered around my domain - but if needs must :slight_smile:

  1. Do people think I’m making the right decision here ?

I have made a copy of StackManager ‘resources’ in
C:\Users\peter\AppData\Local\High Fidelity\Stack Manager\resources

  1. Can any data be saved and reimported/copied back ?
    eg. can ‘models.JSON’ file be copied into a new installation of Stack manager?


I have moved my domain between 3 different computers without incident. But I would maybe try it on a different pc check it works b4 deleting and reinstalling the original


That was going to be my next question so its good to know that moving is easy. So did you only copy over  the ‘resources’ folder to the second machine ?


yeah copied all that folder


ok thanks but having deleted Interface & Stack Manager ie all HiFidelity files and folders in Program Files, and then removed by hand Users/App data - so no HiFi files remain on system.
After reinstalling Interface there is no improvement - rezzing at Sandbox my avatar continues to jump up and down and then disappears. Worse the use of ’ (quote) doesn’t bring avatar back
Where the problem lies i dont know
Slaps himself - oh and i should have kept the bookmarks folder - looks in bin


does it do it with all the avas or just yours?


i’m using the default robot avatar but it was the same for Coulomb and Albert
Once again interface log reveals the same looping error message
[12/20 17:31:52] [WARNING] Invalid display name position {type=‘glm::vec3’, x=nan, y=nan, z=nan}, setting is to (0.0f, 0.5f, 0.0f)
[12/20 17:31:52] [WARNING] Invalid display name position {type=‘glm::vec3’, x=nan, y=nan, z=nan}, setting is to (0.0f, 0.5f, 0.0f)
[12/20 17:31:52] [WARNING] Invalid display …


While my interface still doesn’t display my avatar, I have now reinstalled Stack Manager, repointed it to my domain and after copying in ‘resources’ folder i have all my entities back in place, if only everything was so easy