Should I Stay or Should I Go


Its great to see all you steam users coming in here but will you stay or will you go
I think it would be interesting to hear your views good and bad . Hows the experience been for you. I know the greeters and Michelle and Piper have been online 24/7 helping you guys out.

I think recording some warts and all feedback would be good


To put it short: I’m stoked!!
And I’m gonna write a raving review to put up on steam and here too.
But right now (after having been spending all my spare time in VR the last couple of weeks) I’m off to some RL party :wink:
So cu / talk to you soon :slight_smile:


Offline on holiday I finally found some time to write my raving review :wink:

William Gibson meets Burning Man

Cyberspace, the matrix, the metaverse, the net, or whatever you wanna call it - this magical place so many of us have been dreaming about ever since reading William Gibson for the first time - is finally here.
A space virtual enough to enable everybody to express one’s true self detached from real life’s flaws or restraints in looks, age, gender or heritage while still being physically perceptible enough to convey a truly immersive experience in terms of sensation as well as emotion.
It’s called High Fidelity and luckily it’s not in the least as dystopian as the cyberpunks’ dark visions.
Au contraire High Fidelity embodies a wonderful open sourced and minded atmosphere similar to the the burner spirit that brings tens of thousands of like minded people back home to Black Rock City every year.
The virtual version of the playa (minus the dust) really exists as do the greeters who give newcomers a warm welcome when they first stumble into this totally new and bewildering environment and help them to adjust to - and have fun in this overwhelming experience.
Also the experience as such is quite similar to Burning Man and for sure as difficult to put into words: amazing, empowering, fascinating, mind blowing, awesome, simply just beautiful, you name it…
This is owed to the great community whose members (also quite burner-like) multiply each other in creativity and know-how, thus unleashing a limitless potential of artistry and knowledge.
And High Fidelity definitely incorporates everything that’s fun in VR:

  • the hmd-controlled flying feels fantastic
  • as does the catapult effect of the grappling gun
  • you can see your own body and hands, which makes the experience much more believable and guarantees great fun in activities like dancing or painting
  • there are all kinds of ever more amazing games and applications like mini golf, table tennis, chess, bows and arrows, bowling, whiteboards, voxel painting and even the walkable innards of a cell which make comprehending bodily functions so much more entertaining
    Everyday somebody invents something new, and every user is welcomed to contribute to - or just enjoy this pool of imagination coming to life.
    The next chance we get to witness a whole world evolve like this (imho) will be when a prototype of a brain-computer-junction is developed, and this might still take some time.
    So I highly recommend getting into High Fidelity asap to have the fun of a lifetime - being part of this brand new universe blooming into existence :slight_smile:


Its a fascinating new world but still there is so much to do until its really useful for everybody… the good in open source is that its almost free - the bad on open source is that mostly the developers forget that other ppl are using their work, so the work becomes a piece that ppl need to learn a lot on until they have fun with it or find it useless because the devs tries to focus on their own dreams and visions.

And of course the ideas behind everything are important. For example in HF everything is build for Users who have VR Glasses like the HTC or the Oculus. But the fact is that for most of the “normal” ones spending thousands of euros for the VR galsses and directly another computer which works well is not possible. Most of us are living in reality and there we all have only limited budgets until we are not higher managers or company owners.

So it should be a must to build HF for users who still use displays and a mouse.

If i am forced to buy new stuff only for using a software - i will search for alternatives. Other do like me. Pls dont forget this or this idea may end like all dreams only a few ppl had …