Should the forums move to the discord?


I was just musing…
I guess I use it now to check the calendar, but there is an event category on the Discord.

Does it make sense to have two places?


Personally, I prefer here the Forum and the


No the forum must not move to discord. because discord is noty a forum. It’s extreme hard to keep track on things on discord.

Discord is a instant message app. Not one i use much. Because above problems. Hard to track what happend.

Let the forum stay. ALso forum not takes much resources.

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There is no official discord
So where can we chat to developers about more philosophical concepts .
It’s a shame devs can’t have an opinion that isn’t taken as gospel policy .

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Forum has some advantage, like threads.
I would keep it.


I also want to keep it.


ok, I was just asking. Sometimes I don’t understand the nuances of things.

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Hell no.

Discord is bad.

No, I’m not kidding, I’m very serious.

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I’d prefer the forum to the Discord.


Can’t we have both? As you say, there is no “official” HiFi group on Discord, but there could be, couldn’t there?
Yossi - Why you no like Discord?


I would not devote any resources past what they already have in this area… HiFi needs things like better interface, graphics and a better way of distribution and adaptation. what they have already is huge compared to current user base and could be scaled as needed.


Terms of service link is broken on website


Hi, this is pretty off-topic, but that link works just fine for me.