Shoutcast streaming


I just got shoutcast streaming working small yay
that’s how they dj in sl

save this out as a html thing and put it on ur webserver
change the put your ip here bit to your ip, then link to the website page thing and hey presto
u can stream in world


This is awesome news but, I have no idea what to do with this information. As far as I can tell it just bypasses the audio that is provided by HiFi. It would be ideal if there was a place in “Audio Environment” to paste stream URL as an option for ambient music. For instance, my radio URL is How would I get this to work?


its just plugging the shoutcast into a flash player. co if u can get your url to play from a webpage,it should work in world
needs volume controlls tho


What I came up with was an external libVLC player - javascript that speaks to it via http from HF - what remains is a service that says I’m in domain A at position X,Y,Z - what stream(s) are available from it.

I pondered providing a web based domain settings service for a time, but, it smacks of excess effort and limited lifespan.


I think you guys are giving me too much credit here. I have no idea where to start in accomplishing the instructions you have given. I’m not a coder. I kinda get what you are saying but… What I really want is a place to paste my URL and have the stream work alongside HF audio. It should be an integrated option. I think what Judas is saying is to have a WWW page that people would have to click to play? If that is the case, I can’t even get that to work. Like, I rez a WWW prim but there is no way to enter a URL that I can see.


Ok simpler method to just play a radio stream

To play radio Pepito just paste this url into the source url of a web entity

it should just start playing


That worked! We are getting closer. When I try my station it still does not work. I tried several different ways. By using the web page url and the stream url I even changed the player on my site auto play… Still no worky. I sent info to the site to register my station with them. Perhaps, if they accept my station I will be able to play it through their player.