Show Youtube videos in sync


I want to share a script for sync view of Youtube videos.
You can test this script on AVRENG domain on HighFidelity, or in a browser at:

YouTube Together on High Fidelity

A simple app to allow watching youtube together


If you want the default script:
git clone

the updated version without login:

cd yt-together
npm install
npm start
open http://localhost:3030


  • Watch YouTube videos with your pals (synced using websocket)
  • Search YouTube videos
  • Preview search result
  • Add video to/delete video from a playlist
  • See current number of viewers


That’s FANTASTIC george! Best player I have seen yet.

Would be so cool if it didn’t have the “Enter your username” button so it would “just work” immediately…

or could somehow get your username…


Done! I’ve updated the script in order to login without user name input.


Thanks, nice nice one!


This is pretty cool! Any plans to put this into a user friendly format like an HDTV 3d model and put it on the marketplace? I’m sure it would be a favorite!


If the script don’t work, you must change the authorization API key for youtube search:

Obtain a new key and change the key in: /src/app/config.js in line 2.

export const SEARCH_API = ''
export const API_KEY = 'AIzaSyBjyz_4NV9e2qEaH20jVqY6P4ZLQUxdHxo'